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Gongsessie - woensdag 23/11 19h30

Gong sessie: de gong als helend instrument

We starten de avond met een meditatie en pranayama en laten ons nadien helen door de Gong.

Trek makkelijke kledij aan en breng een dekentje, kussen, warme sokken, ... mee zodat je je eigen cocon kan maken. 

Wat doet een Gongsessie met je? 

It has been said by the teacher Yogi Bhajan that the Gong is the mother of all sounds, all mantras, and hence all languages.

When the gong speaks, we all hear the same sound and we all share in the same experience that unites us all.
The sense of elevation and transformation that is the purpose of our commonly shared existence and eternal nature.

To understand the principles and practices of Gong Therapy, we must first understand the relationship between sound and healing.
The Gong has been used for hundreads of years in the practice of yoga and meditation to accelerate the therapeutic transformation of the yoga practice. 

Through sound Prana travels into our body to create deep relaxation. It clears the mind, stimulates the glandular system, relaxes the nervous system, Lympathatic system and so on.

Gong has been used in programs for recovering drug addict and any addictive behavior.

Gong is not a musical instrument Gong is God.

Docenten: Janaa Sivarajah
Prijs: € 20.00 voor de gongsessie
Wanneer: 23/11/2022
19:30 - 21:00
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